About SeekZoo

Our Mission:

To empower consumers and promote local businesses with a bold and innovative approach to online commerce.


We Understand the Value of a Loyal Customer

SeekZoo pays you to refer friends, family and acquaintances. Imagine supplementing your income by sharing a great deal. It’s that simple. And since only 20% of the purchase price is required to secure a deal, you can lock in deals at any price without the worry of expired offers and wasted cash.

We Provide Cost-Efficient and Easy Advertising for Any Business

SeekZoo connects business and consumers at a fraction of the cost of other online coupon sites. Because only 20% of the purchase price is required to secure a deal, consumers can quickly and easily commit to any purchase, large or small. This also minimizes SeekZoo’s role, leaving the consumer and business to handle the majority of purchases independently.

We Believe in Big Dreams and Big Scale

What began as a simple idea has become an unparalleled movement to change how online shopping works. We make buying a deal easy and cheap. We return a portion of profits to our loyal customers. We return close-of-sales to committed businesses. We minimize our involvement thereby eliminating the money-hoarding found on websites that currently hold a monopoly in the online coupon industry. We are excited to share our dream and improve the lives and livelihoods of everyone who places their faith in us.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

At SeekZoo, we believe in the greater good. That’s why a percentage of sales is given back to the community to support local charities. “It’s not about the amount of wealth you can accumulate, it’s about the impact and change you can create.” ~ Neil Blumenthal ~